Me enviaron un link donde sale un manga donde se muestra que pasaría si Vegeta fuera el que se envió a la Tierra en vez de Gokú.
Acá pueden ver las cuartas imágenes, que cuentan como Kakarotto se hizo su cicatriz contra Freezer. La parte anterior está acá.
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Kakarott : And that’s one of them. But there are still stronger guys than him, don’t let your guard down. Let’s go back.
Vegeta : Hey ! It’s coming little by little but … my self-consciousness as a saiyan is returning.
Kakarott : And as a prince ?
Vegeta : Still not.
Zabon : Lord Frieza, Renjio as been killed by Kakarott.
Dodoria : That bastard straight up betrayed us. But who is the man who was with him ? Both their power level went higher than 20 000.
Zabon : Didn’t you hear ? He called the other one Vegeta.
Dodoria : Wait, What ? Vegeta ?
Frieza : Maybe he was referring to the prince of all saiyans.
Zabon : He actually survived the destruction of planet Vegeta ?
Frieza : It seems so.
Dodoria : Lord Frieza, if we ignore them they’ll pull something on us again.
Frieza : It’s highly probable. I want to meet this Prince Vegeta. Hohoho !
Kakarott : In our current situation our next target will probably be Dodoria or Zabon. They’re always close to Frieza, We must separate them from him, but how ? Wait ! There is a planet of warriors not far from here, planet Monbuster. They’re not really the type to listen but Frieza still hasn’t his eyes on them. First let’s get there.
Vegeta : Kept you waiting, huh ?
Kakarott : This outfit does suits you well.
Kakarott : I know our next destination, we’re moving now.

Vegeta : Fine.
Doctor : You forgot you scouter.
Vegeta : We don’t neet it.
Kakarott : Giving it to you.
Doctor : Huh ?

Vegeta : Let’s go already, Kakarott !
Kakarott : Yes, yes.
Kami : To think they would team up. How are they going to get rid of that Frieza ? Who is the Super Saiyan ? To be continued, just kidding.
La quinta parte está acá
Traducido por Yagami1211 y  Onizuka

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  1. Some hints of the original Goku are still here. He still makes friends quite easily. And he still open ups faster than Vegeta does.

    On the other hand maybe Vegeta is too soft. even in Dragon Ball Super, where he softened a lot, he is still rather grumphy.

    But the more I read, the more I can recognize them when Vegeta, that has more aggressive attitude say ‘Don’t forget i want to beat you!’ and Goku, that probably is still more peaceful ‘But right now it doesn’t matter’.
    And is always Goku the ones that jokes around.

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