Me enviaron un link donde sale un manga donde se muestra que pasaría si Vegeta fuera el que se envió a la Tierra en vez de Kakarotto. Acá pueden ver las primeras imágenes, que cuentan desde que conoce a Bulma hasta la derrota de Majunior.

Vegeta : Damn brat ! You want to steal my treasure ?
Vegeta : Oh, no you don’t !
Vegeta : Come on, already. I’ll be your opponent.
Krillin : Stop Vegeta ! This technique is dangerous for all of us !
Vegeta : Dammit, can’t you stay still sometime ?
Bulma : There’s more important, help me please !
Vegeta : Thoses shitty Red Ribbons …
Red Riddons : That’s the kid from earlier !
Vegeta : Die !
Bulma : Wait ! Isn’t that way overkill ? Thoses were just 2 perverts.
Vegeta : Okay. That gotta be the Red Riddon base.
Stop bothering me ! Disappear already !
Vegeta : Garrick Cannon !
And I didn’t even try !
Vegeta : Great demon king, heh. What a pussy. You killed Krillin, sure, but killing you seems like a waste of time to me.
King Piccolo : Dammit ! If only I had my eternal youth !
Vegeta : So you say with this eternal youth, you could beat me ?
King Piccolo : Of course !
Vegeta : Heh …
Vegeta : That’s a flashy entrance if I ever saw one.
He got his youth back and now he thinks he’s all high and mighty.
King Piccolo : Are you ready ? Not I will turn you indo dust !
Bulma : You grew up but the rest in unchanged !
Oolong : That big forehead of your is still the same !
Vegeta : Fucking shut up ! You want me to kill YOU ?
Bulma : And still the same speach pattern !
Vegeta : You have nerves coming bad to me after such a shitty powerup.
Taopaipai : Damn, you !
Tenshinhan : Taopaipai-sama, please stop this foolishness !
Tao : Shut up ! After I killed Vegeta, it’s your turn Tenshinhan. Did you forget about that ?
If it comes to this …
Tao : Don’t move, Vegeta ! If you move, she dies.
Krillin : Bulma-san !
Yamcha : Bulma !
Referee : Stop this ! You’re gonna disqualified !
Tao : Shut Up ! Vegeta, I did my homework. This woman is your lover, right ?
Vegeta : WHAT ?
Bulma : Lover ?
Vegeta : Stop FOOLING AROUND !
Vegeta : Should I blow up your legs now ?
So you will never be able to walk again ?
Vegeta : Well, well … Bulma ! Don’t you have enough of villains capturing you ?
Bulma : What ? That’s my fault now ?
Vegeta : Really … If you want me to protect you that bad, you might as well belong to me.
Bulma : Huh ? Is that a proposal ?
Vegeta : Huh ?
Bulma : Well … Okay !
Vegeta : Hey !
Referee : What do you know ! Contestant Vegeta got married !
Vegeta : Yeah, yeah …
Krillin : It’s ok, Yamcha, it’s ok.
Referee : What strenght ! Vegeta is tearing Ma Junior apart !
Piccolo : Vegeta ! To think you could be this strong !
Krillin : I knew, Vegeta is the real deal.
Bulma : Go, Go Vegeta !
Piccolo : It seems I won’t be able to avenge my father’s death.
Vegeta : So you admit your defeat. You’re indeed different from the old Piccolo.
Vegeta : I’ll let you live. If you have a problem with that, train yourself a bit and come to face me again.
Piccolo : What ?
Kami : Vegeta ! What are you doing ? Finish Him !
Vegeta : If I kill the guy, you will die with the Dragon Balls, right ?
Bulma : Vegeta !
Vegeta : You can grow way stronger than that. Killing you would be a real waste. Come on, move before I change my mind.
Piccolo : You will live to regreat this day, Vegeta. I will kill you and rule the world.
Vegeta : Can’t wait …
Piccolo : HAHAHA, enjoy your life while you still can !
Vegeta : He Referee ! What happens now ?
Referee : Ma Junior left the battleground ! Vegeta wins !
Vegeta is the Tenkaichi Budoukai champioooooon !
Kami : Sorry, Piccolo. To think Vegeta didn’t even saw you as a threat.
But … In 5 years, no 6 years. The real enemy will come.
I can’t wait to see what will happen.
La historia sigue acá
Traducido por Yagami1211

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  1. Hola,

    Hai algo que no me cuadra en otros sitios que vi esta historia Vegeta nunca se enfrenta al padre de picoro rejuvenecido lo aniquila siendo viejo, podría ser esto un fake?

    1. Author

      Tengo entendido que esta es la primera vez que Lee dibujó esta historia. Luego hizo un remake con mucho mas detalle. Quizas ese fue el que viste.

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