Me enviaron un link donde sale un manga donde se muestra que pasaría si Vegeta fuera el que se envió a la Tierra en vez de Gokú.

Acá pueden ver las segundas imágenes, que cuentan todo el inicio de Dragon Ball Z hasta que comienza la pelea con los saiyajins, que son Kakarotto y Nappa. La parte anterior está acá.

Bulma : It’s been a long time !
Roshi : Hoh !
Krillin : Bulma, Vegeta !
Roshi : Huh !? This child, can it be …
Krillin : You got a son ?
Bulma : hehehe …
Bulma: There, introduce yourself.

Trunks : Hello, my name is trunks and I’m 4 years old.

Roshi : Hello.

Krillin : You raised him well.

Bulma : Of course, I take care of that.

Because the other one only knows fighting in his life.

Vegeta : ….

Krillin : So that means Vegeta is a father now.

Vegeta : Well … yes.

Roshi : Oh, that’s a cool sword you have there.
Bulma : Well, of course It’s a toy.
Krillin : How about his tail ?
Vegeta : Ha, yes. Do you want to see Trunk’s tail ?
Krillin : Who are you talking to ?

Bulma : Here are some sponge cakes.

Roshi : Hoo ! 

What do you know … I’d rather dive into your boo …

Vegeta : !
Roshi : Nothing, it’s nothing.
Roshi : It’s a joke, it’s a joke. Don’t get all serious all of a sudden.
Vegeta : There’s a great power on his way here !!
Bulma : Vegeta !What’s gotten in you ?
Vegeta : ( He’s no match to me. Piccolo ? In that case, that’s some serious training you got there. )
Roshi : Something is coming ?
Krillin : A great power it seems.
Vegeta : Here he is !
Krillin : Ah !
Radditz : Found ya ! Son of King Vegeta !
Krillin : Nice ! Alien or not he can’t touch Vegeta !
Vegeta : Haa !
Radditz : Crap !
Vegeta : Oh no, you don’t !

Radditz : What ?
Radditz : How he detect me when he can’t see me ?

Guah !


Radditz : Khaah ! haa, haa, haa *breathing*
Vegeta : This place is …
Where is trained with Krillin, how nostalgic !
Radditz : Haa, haa, haa !

Vegeta : This warrior race story seems real. Never met an opponent as stubborn as you.

But I’m gonna end this.

Radditz : As expected, you’re not even in top form and yet …

You’re indeed an elite fighter.

Listen Vegeta, everything that happened here have been transmitted to my two partners.

It’s thoses two who will be coming after you now. Kuku … hihihih …

Vegeta : Cool story, bro ! *blows him up*
Vegeta : Heh, see you next time.
On a far remote planet …
Nappa : Fucking Radditz. He got killed. And easily.
Nappa : He’s the prince if the saiyans after all. To think he could befriend the earthlings.
Vegeta : Are you one of his partner ?
Nappa : Indeed. We’ll be here in 3 months. Wait for us. I can’t wait to kill you.
Kakarott : Listen, Vegeta.
Vegeta : ( The voice changed, it’s the other one. )
Kakarott : I’ll show you, the elite, how you handle a fight.
Vegeta : ( This guy seems very different from the guys I fought in the past. )
Kakarott : See ya.
Vegeta : ( They cut the chatter … )
Nappa : Listen to you low class warrior talking to an elite !
Kakarott : If you say anything else I’ll kill you !
Nappa : Sorry.
Nappa : ( Kakarott always come close to death in almost every battle he had. The result is he now has a fearsome power. 
He’s a cold blooded bastard, his father died and he couldn’t care less. )
Kakarott : Let’s go, Nappa.
Nappa : huh, sure. By the way, aren’t we supposed to wait for Lord Freeza here ? Is it okay for us to leave ?
Kakarott : There’s nobody left here.
Vegeta : So, there’s the story. 
Roshi : What ! 
Vegeta : Listen, I’ll take thoses two guys who come in 3 months alone.I don’t need help. 
Krillin : Well … There level is too high for us. we have no choice but to trust Vegeta. 
Bulma : ( Vegeta, is it really okay for you to say that ? ) 
Vegeta : Don’t worry, there’s no way I’ll lose.

And 3 months later, the two saiyans lands on earth.
Kakarott : Fuuh …
Kakarott : So this is earth.
Kami : As last the saiyan, Kakarott came to earth. 
As expected he feels different from the others.
People : What ? A Meteor feel on earth ?
Kakarott : Don’t make a fuss.

Krillin : This is …

Bulma : Vegeta !

Vegeta : They’re starting with a blast !
Nappa : Nice one, Kakarott !
Kakarott : Well continue this party later. Let’s look for Vegeta.
Nappa : And we found him already. He’s coming this way.
Kakarott : Power level 3500, huh ?
You should be able to handle him, Nappa.
Kakarott : Let’s go and greet him, then.
We have to show proper etiquette, after all.
Nappa : This is good. This planet haves low gravity, we can move freelly like this.
Kakarott : ( This is all wrong Vegeta, you should never set foot on this planet in the 1st place. )
Vegeta : They’re coming this way !
I see, either of them is at least way stronger that the last dude.
And I suspect that the stronger of the two is the 2nd one.
Seems fun.
Kakarott : He’s close.
Vegeta : Almost there.
La tercera parte está disponible acá.
Traducido por Yagami1211

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  1. Porque vegeta mata a Raditz? si ni siquiera le conoce…

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