Me enviaron un link donde sale un manga donde se muestra que pasaría si Vegeta fuera el que se envió a la Tierra en vez de Gokú.
Acá pueden ver las terceras imágenes, que cuentan la pelea de Vegeta con Nappa y luego con Kakarotto. La parte anterior está acá.

Vegeta : For taking the time to come on this planet, I get that you have a pretty good reason for this.
Kakarott : Vegeta, you’re more kid looking than I thought.
Nappa : Gihihihi …
Kakarott : Well … I just really wanted to punch that pityful prince of ours.
Vegeta : Saiyans or whatever …
It’s good that I came to know about my origins, but …

Vegeta: I’m a saiyan that grew on Earth !
For earth too, I’m gonna fucking kill you !

Kakarott : Yeah, yeah …

Anyway … Nappa, you’re first.

Nappa : Sure.

So you’re gonna have to deal with me first.

Kakarott : ( Nappa’s power level rose to 4000. It could be actually a good test to test the prince. )
Nappa : come on, entertain me ! hahahaha !
Nappa: Now, prepare yourse … huh.
Vegeta : HAAAAAA
Nappa : Nuh ?
Kakarott : His power level skyrocketed all of a sudden.8000 … 9000 …
Nappa : 10000 … ha ..haa …And it’s not stopping !
Kakarott : Power level 13000 !
Nappa : This can’t be ! That means he actually can control his power level.
Hey, there’s no way I can win ! Kakarott !
Kakarott : Fight !

Nappa : But, I …

Kakarott : Fight already ! Do you want to shame me by running away ?

Nappa : UoooooooooU ! I’m an elite warrior too ! LET’S DO THIS !

Nappa : Shit !
Kakarott : That moron, he totally forgot I was there.
Nappa : Is he dead ?
Vegeta : Do you really think this move was enough to kill me ?
Nappa : Damn you, kid !
Nappa : *puking blood* Gihi …
Nappa : *open mouth*
Nappa : Haaaa !
Vegeta : Haaaaaaa !
Kakarott : What a guy ! He had the time to repel this attack at such close range !
Well … you’re overwhelmed in speed and techiques, what’s next Nappa ?
Nappa : Kakarott !!!
I’m going to show you !
The prideful death of a true saiyan !
Vegeta : What is he …
Nappa : I’m gonna enjoy the other dimension with you !

Vegeta : I never thought he would self destruct.

Kakarott : Nappa, not bad for a punk like you.
But that didn’t dealt no damage whatsoever.
Let’s fight somewhere els, we pretty much destroyed this place.

Vegeta : Whatever, like that gonna change anything.
A place with no peolpe and animals.

Krillin : Bulma, how is it going ?
Bulma : One is dead.
Krillin : Yeah !
Roshi : Is the other guy beatable ?

Bulma : Vegeta’s power level is 13000, the other guy’s 5500.

Piece of cake.

Roshi : Really ?

Kakarott : Okay, here we go.
Vegeta : I remembered you said something like “I’ll show you handle a fight”.
Thoses words are only for thoses who are stronger than me to say.
Vegeta: I’m going to show you … that you don’t know how do use KI.
Kakarott : So Earthlings do can read power level, heh.
Too bad.
Kakarott : Learn your place, Vegeta ! *powers up*
Bulma : No, No !
Roshi : What’s going on ?
Bulma : The enemy’s power level is rising. It’s higher than Vegeta’s.
Roshi : What ?
Kakarott : The ability to control power level is not a given for everyone.
For a planet as weak as Earth, it’s a good job.
Vegeta : This is … No !
Kakarott : Are you shocked to meet someone stronger than you ?
You’re a saiyan, be happy about it.
Vegeta : Sure, it’s the first time I’m shaking this much.
It’s not a bad feeling, maybe it’s the saiyan blood.
Kakarott : Good.( Maybe he’s actually worth it. )
Kakarott : Come, Vegeta !
Kakarott : You don’t like close range fighting Vegeta ?
Kakarott : Come back here, already !
Kakarott : *stick out his tongue*
Vegeta : Shit ! *heavily breathing*

Kakarott : With a good punch, you can do that too.
Already out of breath ?

Kakarott: I recon this is probably the first time you’re going all out ?
You’d probably be happy if I tell you I’m not actually serious here.

Vegeta : This guy, what kind of training he had ?

There’s no way I could have anticipated he could be so strong.

Kakarott : Come on, don’t be a pansy.

Your enemy is right here, fight. Enjoying death battles is what Saiyans are all about.

Vegeta : Yeah, maybe the saiyan blood flows in me.
I do plan to fight you head on.

Kakarott : Fine. If you don’t put up a great show …
You won’t be able to protect your dear earth !

Vegeta : SOLAR FLARE !
Kakarott : My eyes ! My eyes !
Vegeta : Tenshinhan ! I’m borrowing your technique !

Vegeta : Gotcha !
Kakarott : Nya ..!
Vegeta : GaHa !!! Wha !!?
You can’t …
Kakarott : I can.
Even if I can’t see, I can sense my opponent’s breathing and movements.
There was a time when I fought in a pitch black room and killed all my enemies.
Vegeta : ( He doesn’t know I studied under Kami. Did he figured the trick on the spot ? )
Kakarott : By the way, that Solar Flare attack was interesting. 

I’ll try it next time.

Kakarott : Guhu …

Kakarott : His stamina is pretty good. 

Vegeta : I have to use that attack.

Kakarott : This stance …!!
Vegeta : Haaaaaaa !!!!

Vegeta : You’re never be able to stop my Gallick Gun.

If you brave enough to stop it, then be my guest and do it !!!!
Kakarott : Acting all high and mighty, huh ?
Kakarott : RaaaH !
Vegeta : What ? He’s punching the Gallick Cannon !
Kakarott : Even I can’t repel this.
Nuuuuh !
Vegeta : Shit ! Come on, HIT !
I have no technique stronger than that.
Kakarott : HA !

Kakarott : Fuuh. My hand feel numb.

Kakarott:  The Garlick Gun. The technique only the prince is allowed to use.
To think you would be able to use it. Maybe you did inherited the fighting senses of the previous princes. Seems like the battle is over. 

How boring.

Kami : The porwerful Kakarott came to earth even though he’s not supposed to have anything to do on earth itself. Maybe it was fate itself that led him here. Is it the end of the earth ?

Vegeta : Aaaaa… Gaha… Haaaa….Haaaa.
Kakarott : Your punches sucks.
Kakarott: It’s because you’re on a weak planet that you’re weak.
Kakarott : Tsss. I really expected more from you. I’m disappoint.You lost the moment you were sent on this planet, Vegeta !

Vegeta : Dammit ! Goddammit !

Kakarott: I can bear seeing you in disgrace like this. Die already !
??? : WAIT ! ( ROM STOLL ? )
Vegeta : You, you are …
Kakarott : Who the hell are you ?
Vegeta : Karin !!!
Karin : It’s been a long time, Vegeta.
Vegeta : What are you doing here ?

Karin : Well, you never come to see me.

You’re in a pinch it seems.

Vegeta : Moron ! Run away !
Kakarott : Wait, you’re gonna fight me ?
Karin : Please … How about it ? Would you give a chance for Vegeta to grow stronger ?
Vegeta : Grow Stronger ?
Karin : It won’t take long. Let’s try to make him stronger. Do you want to see ? 
Kakarott : Seems fun. Do your thing. But if that’s bullshit, you’ll regret it. 
Karin : Threaten a sage and you’ll be sorry.Well,then …
Vegeta : Karin … about this power up thing.
Karin : Drink this water.
Vegeta : Super God Water ?
Karin : It’s the water of the gods. Drink it and it will free all your potential power.
Vegeta : Really ?

Karin : But … That’s only for thoses who have any more power to release.

If you don’t have any more power, this is a deadly poisonous water that will kill you. Of the people I gave this water to, not a single soul survived. Are you ready to take the gamble ?

Vegeta : This is always better than getting trashed. I’ll be happy to oblige.
Karin : Here. Don’t die. There, drink everything.
Vegeta : I’m gonna fucking kill you !

Vegeta : Guhaaaaahaaaah !

Shit ! Dammit ! Like hell I’m gonna die here.

Kakarott : Hey, if he’s suffering I can always make it faster, you know.
Karin : Hang in there, Vegeta. You’re not supposed to die here.
Vegeta : Haaa, Haaa …
Karin : As expected from Vegeta, what impressive will power. A little more …
Vegeta : UH !!!
Karin : I felt it. I felt all the hidden power in Vegeta.
Kakarott : This is …Vegeta … !!!
Karin : How do you feel ?

Vegeta : Fine. I feel power flowing within me and I feel very calm.
A strange feeling.
Anyway, I think I can do it. Thank you, Karin.
Karin : Please … ( He surely grew up since I first met him. )
Here, take thoses Senzu.
Vegeta : I don’t need this. I want a fair fight so I can recover my pride.
Please, go away now. So you won’t be involved.

Karin : Show him the power of the sage !
( This Kakarott … Why did I had to meet him like this. I really wanted our meeting to be different. )

Kakarott : *yawn*
Vegeta : Sorry for the wait. I think we can have a good fight now.

Kakarott : You powered up, but I like your face now.

Now like your battered self a few hours ago.

Kakarott : A duel on the rising sun. fitting, isn’t it ?

Vegeta : Yeah …

Kakarott : Hoo …
Vegeta : Ha !!!
Vegeta : HAAA !!!
Vegeta : That should leave a mark.
Kakarott : Kuhahaha …
Kakarott : Fuck yeah … This is it, this is it !
Now this is the fight I’ve wished for ! Hahahahaha !!!
My whole body’s trembling. I can’t get enough of this.
Vegeta : A real fighting addict. ( But I gotta admit that … for a first time fighting at my heart content …I’m pretty pumped up myself. )
Kakarott : It’s been a long time since a battle excited me this much.
Vegeta : You still have something up your sleeve, do you ?
But I’ll soon whipe that smug off your face.
Kami : Thanks to Karin, Vegeta power up. However his Ki is still 1/5 of Kakarott’s.
There is still a large difference between the two. And I don’t know how he will deal with this.
Vegeta : HAAAAA !!!!
 Kakarott : To think you would power up so much. You’re above 20000.
You deserve your Elite rank.
Vegeta : I couldn’t care less about that.
Kakarott : Well, then …
I’m about time we fight seriously, my lord.
Vegeta : ….. ?
Removing that weird armor won’t do you … !!!!
Vegeta: ( His body is battered with scars. Does that mean there are mutiple guys who are able to wound this man ? )
Kakarott : UuuuuuhAAAAAAAH …
Vegeta : Wha … What’s that overwhelming feeling ? Kuh !!!
Vegeta : What ?
Kakarott : Don’t be reassured down because you hit me !
That’ll cost you !
Vegeta : HA !!!!

Kakarott : That was a waste of energy just now.
You can’t even see through my feints ?

Vegeta : DAMMIT !
Kakarott : Woops. Don’t fall for an obvious punch like that.
Vegeta : ( This guy … has a truckload of battle experience. )
There’s no opening.
Kakarott : C’mere !

Vegeta : WHAT ?
( If I use both hands I’m definitly getting countered. What can I do ? )

Kakarott : ( Don’t stand there thinking like an idiot, you’re gonna get beaten … )

Kakarott: In battles, you’re supposed to react in an instant !

Vegeta : ( Did this guy … had a lot of battles like that ? )
 Kami : The big difference starts to shows up.

Kakarott is used to adapt himself to his opponent’s pace. Not Vegeta.

Vegeta must learn too or he won’t win.

The scale and difficulty of battles Kakarott went through is on another scale.
Vegeta probably saw that too.
The shadow of every battles Kakarott won.
The fact that Earth had no equal to Vegeta is where lies the problem.
Vegeta : Guah !
Vegeta : The punch … I couldn’t see his punch.
Vegeta: This guy is fast … what is his left jab ? Now that’s a problem.
I can’t see his fastest punch. What Am I gonna do ?
Vegeta : Damn …
Kakarott : So you can’t see this fist ?
Vegeta : If I don’t react this guy will kill me with a single punch.
I HAVE to do something.
Vegeta : Can’t see his punch … ?
I remember something like this during my first Tenkaichi Budokai.
Krillin : I couldn’t see his punch.

Vegeta : What was that Krillin ? Cool your head down a bit.

Vegeta: If you regain your composure, there’s no way you could miss it.
Take a long, good breath and calm down.
Krillin : Thank you Vegeta !

Vegeta : After that, Krillin was able to see through Kame … I mean Jackie Chun punches.
When you’re lost, look for the basics. That’s it. I have to calm down, to regain my composure.

Kakarott : Good focus. That’s good.
Let’s see …

Kakarott: Nice job seeing through that.
Kakarott: Don’t lose your focus !
Vegeta : DAAAH !
Kami : With my divine eyes … I can’t see them moving anymore.
That exchange was too fast for my eyes.

Vegeta : Haa, Haa … *panting*
Kakarott : Fuuh, Fuuh *panting*

Vegeta : Ha !!!
Kakarott : Nuuh … I can’t punch fast enough.

Mr.Popo : Calm as the sky, fast as lightning …
Vegeta : Calm as the sky …
Vegeta : Fast as lightning !

Vegeta : Jan KEEEEEEEEEEN ! ( Rock Scissors … PAPEEEEEEEER ! )

Kakarott : Janken ? That was silly.
( More importantly, this guy is … )

( The longer the battle is, the better he moves … )

Kakarott : ( Me, the Low Class Warrior is actually making the Elite stronger.
UhAHAHAHA ! I can’t get enough if this ! )

Kakarott : Perfect ! More, come on Vegeta !

Vegeta : You’re pissing me off !

Kakarott : But your punches still lacks power.

Kakarott: Okay, how about a power battle !
Nuuuuuu …

Vegeta : He’s focusing a large amount of power !
Enough to destroy the earth !
Desperate times call for desperate measures !

Kakarott : That’s not the Gallick Gun !


Kakarott : You’re planning a to use a low level earth technique ?
In my hands I have enough to detroy the earth !!!!


Kakarott : What ? He stopped my Gyoza Gun !

Karin : What an energy shockwave !
Will the earth be okay ?
Kami : To think his 1st Kamehameha would be this big.
Vegeta’s sense of fighting is truly frightening.
Kakarott : Sorry, Vegeta. This technique have a 2nd stage.
Vegeta : WHAT ?
Kami : He added a rotation effect !
Karin : I gave you latent abilites !!!!

Vegeta : SHITHEAD !

Kakarott : End of the line, Vegeta. Your fighting school can only do so much.

Vegeta : My poorly replicated Kamehameha …

Vegeta: Not only Roshi managed to destroy the moon but he made me lose consciousness with his own.
His perfect Kamehameha … I’m going to use it. It’s not like I used my full power yet.

Vegeta : UOOOOOOOOOh Kamehameha MAX POWER !

Kakarott : I can’t …This is the first time I’m scared in a battle.  Is this the power of the elite ?

Kakarott: Guuuuuuuuuuahhhhhh !
La cuarta parte está acá
Traducido por Yagami1211

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  1. Falta por traducir gran parte , por cierto, podrían traducirlo al español?

  2. Where is the rest of the english? It stopped half way through.

    1. The text was translated by a person who stopped. I do not know how. Do you know someone who does?

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