Dragon Ball Sai 1

Me enviaron un link donde sale un manga donde se muestra que pasaría si Vegeta fuera el que se envió a la Tierra en vez de Kakarotto. Acá pueden ver las primeras imágenes, que cuentan desde que conoce a Bulma hasta la derrota de Majunior.

Vegeta : Damn brat ! You want to steal my treasure ?
Vegeta : Oh, no you don’t !
Vegeta : Come on, already. I’ll be your opponent.
Krillin : Stop Vegeta ! This technique is dangerous for all of us !
Vegeta : Dammit, can’t you stay still sometime ?
Bulma : There’s more important, help me please !
Vegeta : Thoses shitty Red Ribbons …
Red Riddons : That’s the kid from earlier !
Vegeta : Die !
Bulma : Wait ! Isn’t that way overkill ? Thoses were just 2 perverts.
Vegeta : Okay. That gotta be the Red Riddon base.
Stop bothering me ! Disappear already !
Vegeta : Garrick Cannon !
And I didn’t even try !
Vegeta : Great demon king, heh. What a pussy. You killed Krillin, sure, but killing you seems like a waste of time to me.
King Piccolo : Dammit ! If only I had my eternal youth !
Vegeta : So you say with this eternal youth, you could beat me ?
King Piccolo : Of course !
Vegeta : Heh …
Vegeta : That’s a flashy entrance if I ever saw one.
He got his youth back and now he thinks he’s all high and mighty.
King Piccolo : Are you ready ? Not I will turn you indo dust !
Bulma : You grew up but the rest in unchanged !
Oolong : That big forehead of your is still the same !
Vegeta : Fucking shut up ! You want me to kill YOU ?
Bulma : And still the same speach pattern !
Vegeta : You have nerves coming bad to me after such a shitty powerup.
Taopaipai : Damn, you !
Tenshinhan : Taopaipai-sama, please stop this foolishness !
Tao : Shut up ! After I killed Vegeta, it’s your turn Tenshinhan. Did you forget about that ?
If it comes to this …
Tao : Don’t move, Vegeta ! If you move, she dies.
Krillin : Bulma-san !
Yamcha : Bulma !
Referee : Stop this ! You’re gonna disqualified !
Tao : Shut Up ! Vegeta, I did my homework. This woman is your lover, right ?
Vegeta : WHAT ?
Bulma : Lover ?
Vegeta : Stop FOOLING AROUND !
Vegeta : Should I blow up your legs now ?
So you will never be able to walk again ?
Vegeta : Well, well … Bulma ! Don’t you have enough of villains capturing you ?
Bulma : What ? That’s my fault now ?
Vegeta : Really … If you want me to protect you that bad, you might as well belong to me.
Bulma : Huh ? Is that a proposal ?
Vegeta : Huh ?
Bulma : Well … Okay !
Vegeta : Hey !
Referee : What do you know ! Contestant Vegeta got married !
Vegeta : Yeah, yeah …
Krillin : It’s ok, Yamcha, it’s ok.
Referee : What strenght ! Vegeta is tearing Ma Junior apart !
Piccolo : Vegeta ! To think you could be this strong !
Krillin : I knew, Vegeta is the real deal.
Bulma : Go, Go Vegeta !
Piccolo : It seems I won’t be able to avenge my father’s death.
Vegeta : So you admit your defeat. You’re indeed different from the old Piccolo.
Vegeta : I’ll let you live. If you have a problem with that, train yourself a bit and come to face me again.
Piccolo : What ?
Kami : Vegeta ! What are you doing ? Finish Him !
Vegeta : If I kill the guy, you will die with the Dragon Balls, right ?
Bulma : Vegeta !
Vegeta : You can grow way stronger than that. Killing you would be a real waste. Come on, move before I change my mind.
Piccolo : You will live to regreat this day, Vegeta. I will kill you and rule the world.
Vegeta : Can’t wait …
Piccolo : HAHAHA, enjoy your life while you still can !
Vegeta : He Referee ! What happens now ?
Referee : Ma Junior left the battleground ! Vegeta wins !
Vegeta is the Tenkaichi Budoukai champioooooon !
Kami : Sorry, Piccolo. To think Vegeta didn’t even saw you as a threat.
But … In 5 years, no 6 years. The real enemy will come.
I can’t wait to see what will happen.
La historia sigue acá
Traducido por Yagami1211

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